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Viet Pho

What's New:

Viet Pho & Grill just opening   

We are so exciting to open Viet Pho & Grill Restaurant on May 21st 2011. Welcome EVERYONE! Hurry! Hurry Up!

Updated: May 21, 2011

Current News:

Viet Pho & Grill is in progress of food preparation and staff training.

demoViet Pho & Grill is in progress of food preparation and staff training. Ready to serve soon.

Updated: April 16, 2011

Recent Events:

Viet Pho & Grill is under construction.

demoViet Pho & Grill is working on construction building and planning to be opened on Middle of May 2011.

Updated: March 16, 2011

The History of Pho.

Pho is a traditional beef noodle soup from Vietnam. Originally, it was just a bowl of broth, beef, and noodles. Later, it was prepared with different types of beef, as well as chicken.

Today Pho is decorated with more attractive ingredients: beef broth is clear, rice noodle is whiter, and the beef is cut thinner. The beef can be rare streak, sliced flank, crunchy flank, fatty flank, sliced brisket, tendon, tripe, or meatball. Fresh vegetables are used such as saw grass or saw leaf herb, bean sprouts, mint, green pepper, green onion, and scallions. These vegetables are mixed in the beef noodle soup with some sauce of hoisin, chili, or fish sauce depending on customer's taste.

Many culture experts believe that it originated in Northern Vietnam at the beginning of the 20th century, but not specific detail are known. However, it is considered to be influenced by French and Chinese traditions. The word Pho might come from the word feu, from pot-au-feu-a classic French dish, and rice noodle might come from Chinese noodles. In the mid-1950s, Vietnam was separated in two parts, and many Northerners who were anti-communist migrated to the South and brought Pho culture with them. During the American-Vietnam war period, Pho became popular in South Vietnam. After that, it was introduced to Western Countries, especially France, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Why Pho becomes so popular.

Huu Ngoc, a culture expert said, "Pho was very special and we loved it because it had everything we valued - rice noodles, broth, meat, and fresh vegetables. It was complete, nutritious, infinitely delicious, and yet so easy to digest that we could eat it in morning and night, day after day." The most important thing in a bowl of Pho is the broth. It should be carefully prepared by boiling cows 'bones overnight with a combination of spices in order to extract the most protein from the bones. This might reflect the difficult years of the 1950s in Vietnam when up to two million Vietnamese were starved and nothing was wasted. Pho related to Vietnamese life. Mai Pham, a chef restaurant owner in San Francisco said, "Pho is our lives, love and all things that matter. We treasure Pho, and most of us have loved it since the day we were old enough to hold a pair of chopsticks." In addition, a hot steam of broth in a bowl of Pho means welcome and happiness. That reason is why most of Vietnamese families or friends sit around tables together and enjoy it on weekend.

Pho in the United States.

In the United States, Pho is one of the most profitable businesses, and most of them are owned by family. It is easy to get a Pho restaurant in any state by checking a yellow book or search it online. It is more popular in the West Coast where having more Vietnamese community than the East.

Pho itself is probably more healthy than typical American foods; therefore, more and more Americans actively searching out for healthier diet foods everyday, and many of them found Pho is their choice. The word Pho is now common in the U.S. A bowl of Pho at an inexpensive price-the hot broth with beef, rice noodles, spices with chili sauce, and fresh vegetables-would make everyone warm and happy and bring them together. Only when someone eats a real bowl of Pho, will he or she understand why it remains a beloved tradition in Vietnam, and why it's quickly becoming a favorite choice food in the United States. Whether Pho is served at home or anywhere else, Pho will be a special and traditional noodle soup of Vietnam in America.


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Infinitely delicious & healthy food!
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